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In Vietnam’s northern highlands, a mosaic of...

Oct 14, 2016
Let the silver waterfalls, green mountains and golden rice fields transcend you into a different world. The Ban Gio [more]
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[Photos] What’s Left Inside SaigonR...

Oct 13, 2016
The Saigon Tax Center, a historic icon of old Saigon, has been reduced to a metal skeleton and heaps of rubble. The [more]
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[Photos] 3D-Printed Chess Set Features Famou...

Oct 12, 2016
A trio of RMIT students are turning heads after creating a custom chess set featuring famous figures from Vietnamese history. The group, which includes students Nguyen Anh Duy and Tran Le Bao Quan, cr [more]
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[Photos] Travel Vietnam With These Cheeky Nó...

Oct 11, 2016
Nón lá have become the star of the show for an upcoming sea voyage organized by the Southeast Asian and Japanese Yo [more]
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[Video] Mini-Documentary Weaves Visual Portr...

Oct 10, 2016
As urban Vietnam charges into the future, connecting to the global economy during its modern development, the tradi [more]
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Travel back in time with Vietnam’s tradition...

Oct 05, 2016
The Imperial Citadel in Hanoi was transformed into a feast of color over the weekend. On the morning of October 1, [more]
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